Fun Free Events inToronto: Luminato

Toronto Tourists, Get Ready for Luminato!

Artistic collaboration of different cultures and genres, accessible events that can be freely explored and celebrated, and cultural diversity and merging of different flavors of art. These are just three of the principles behind one of the most widely celebrated events of Toronto tourists. If you’re just as excited and interested, then you better brace yourself for the 4th Luminato, Festival of Arts and Creativity.

Celebrate ten days of inspiring and breathtaking art of different forms from June 11 to 20 in Toronto. Practically every stage, theatre and street in Toronto will be filled with an event exploding with the creativity of every imaginable culture in Toronto.

With so many events happening during the Luminato, you will need to plan in advance and carefully select what you want to do and where you want to go throughout the duration of the festival. Here’s a quick view of the festival at a glance. Tickets are not expensive at all, with a price range of $15 to about $60. This includes the Dark Star Requiem at the Royal Conservatory (Opening Weekend) or attend the The Canadian Songbook: 40 Years of Bruce Cockburn concert in the Massey Hall. Once you select the events of your choice, you can books your tickets here.

And the best news? Most of the events are totally free! The free events start as early as 11:00 AM, with some events starting at midnight. Here are some free events you shouldn’t miss, starting from Day 1 (June 11).

Solar Breath | Light Air: June 11/11:00 AM

Curated by Atom Egoyan, this exhibition is a showcase of filmmaking, sculpture, photography, painting, and music of Canada’s widely celebrated artists.

Luminato First Night: June 11/7:00 PM

Don’t miss the opening night of the festival—a rock and ballad concert of Melanie Fiona, Sass Jordan, and Canadian divas in a totally free event.

The Luminato Reel – River of Sand: June 12/11:0 AM

Bruce Cockburn, one of Canada’s premiere singers and songwriters, will take you to Mali, West Africa and will personally let you experience how difficult yet heartwarming life can be.

Light on Your Feet: June 13/7:00 PM

After a tiring day of movies, photography and visual art, why don’t you take a breather and enjoy a concert in Yonge-Dundas Square. It’s quite near to Backpackers on Dundas, which should be your top choice of a hostel during your stay in Toronto.

Wish Come True Festival: June 18/11:00 AM

Watch Toronto transform into the Rainbow City all in one night. For sure, you have never seen a more colorful and bright city, complete with giant totems and inflatable bounce houses among many other fun sights that will make you feel as if you’re in another world.

At the end of every exciting day of the festival, you should stay in a hostel that will both accommodate your needs and give you the Toronto brand of hospitality. It doesn’t even have to be expensive, too!

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