Toronto Bicycle Film Festival 2011

Toronto Bicycle Film Festival 2011 Poster. Image Credit: Toronto Bicycle Film Festival.

The warm breezes of summer makes the perfect backdrop to the Toronto’s Bicycle Film Festival, which combines bikes and films together for four days, running from Wednesday, August 10 to  Saturday, August 13, 2011.

Created by Brendt Barbur, who started the festival after a biking accident in NYC, the festival about bicycles through music, art and film has flourished to twenty eight cities worldwide. The film festival pushes the urban bike movement, which has been slowly picking up speed over the last few years.

Now in the festival’s fifth year in Toronto, the focus of the films are on bicycling, ranging from documentaries to “bike shorts” to music videos to full length features. There are films that range from the absurb and sublime to those with more of a serious tone.

While art and music feature heavily on the first two days, the films make up the bulk of the latter part of the film. Films kick off on Friday at 7 p.m. at the Royal Cinema (608 College Street, Toronto, ON) with a program of international features, including Racing Towards Red Hook, a film about three competing cyclists taking part in NYC’s biggest underground cycling events, the 2011 Red  Hook Criterium.

Check out shorts, Downhill in a Suit about two men venturing grueling bikes trails looking very dapper in their elegants suits (at least at the beginning) and Le Tour De Kagawa, about the distances young food hounds travel to find a good bowl of Udon noodles.

Friday night ends with the Bike Pirates After Party at the Bike Pirates DIY Space (1292 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON) at 10 p.m.

Then on Saturday, there are more short films combined into two programs. One called Labour of Love, which features more documentary fare, and Bikelordz, featuring abstract, sublime and films made like music videos.

Check out Bike Ride, a film about man who rides fifty miles to see his girlfriend, who subsequently dumps him, or The Bike Song, about a red bike who follws a boy home, leading to chaos involving a thief, an international man of mystery, poets, and girls.

End the festival with the DNS After Party at the Hard Luck Bar (812 Dundas Street Toronto, ON). It’s $5 at the door or free with your movie stub.

Each film program is $10 each and you can see the full list of films here. What are you waiting for? The Royal Cinema is just a short walk or bike ride away from Backpackers on Dundas. Get on your bike and go!

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