Toronto Jazz Festival Hits The Tdot

Toronto Jazz FestivalThe Toronto Jazz Festival is in full swing, and everyone at Backpackers on Dundas could not let the celebrations go by without us.

Last night we headed to the Bloor and Dufferin area to drink some kick ass Sangria and listen to the musical stylings of Rita di Ghent.

Rita and her band were incredible. Rita has one of those impossible voices that somehow manage to be both undeniable pretty and sexy-sultry at the same time. The band was über talented, and everyone got their chance for an applause worthy solo or two. The relaxed atmosphere at Ristorante Roma immediately put as at ease; our waiter was friendly, efficient and a lot of fun. We joked about staying all night and making S’mores. Perhaps this is why, when Rita and the band sang a couple of songs that invited audience participation, there was not a patron in sight who did not jump right in to sing the line, “I want a big fat daddy.” The song, originally sung Irene Reid and introduced to Rita through her friend and fellow musician Chicagoite Grana Louise, is one that I definitely want to add to my download on iTunes list.

Toronto Jazz Festival

There was no cover charge at Ristorante Roma, although I took a look at the schedule of Rita’s other performances at the Toronto Jazz Festival, and some of them have small cover fees of $15 or so. I strongly suggest you take a look at the calendar of events to pick and choose among performers and performances that suit your tastes and budget.

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